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 Cool herb uses

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PostSubject: Cool herb uses   Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:52 am

hello everyone and blessings to all!
I've been studying herbology for two years now and have begun incorporating the magickal aspects of herbs along with their medicinal properties into my workings and daily life.
this has been a very fasinating journey for me.

my most recent success has been with the chaste tree berry in a blend i have been using for my "womanly" issues.

my "blend" includes:
chaste tree berries-as they are sacrade to the goddess and posess a harmone balancing effect.
Red roses for their reputation of "bringing love" (to bring love into my body-a love of myself and a love for my life).
st. john's wort for it's depression combating properties
and lemon balm for it's protective properties.

mixing the magickal as well as medicinal uses for herbs is absolutly facinating and the results are wholesomely amazing!
of course, know your stuff when ingesting herbs and consult a doctor for furthur advice!
bright blessings,
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Cool herb uses
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