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 Cold/Hot Compress

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PostSubject: Cold/Hot Compress   Mon Sep 21, 2009 6:16 am

So this is my first real tip to this group because this one honestly worked well for me.

Need a cold/hot compress ? take a CLEAN sock, fill it with Fenel seeds. Tie a knot at the opening or use a sewing machine to sew it shut. Place in freezer or microwave 30 seconds.

This is awesome! I was cramping bad this week and dont care for taking pills to cure my pains all the time. Called my sister up and asked her what she used when she had surgery to have her tubes tied to help with lower pains and this is what she told me. It only cost her $3 to buy the seeds and one sock that lost its mate to the dryer eater.

This helps with probbly any and all pains. Headaches? Cold compress. cramps? a hot compress. Its moldable to fit any spot, abdomen, knee, lower back, head, so on so on.

So try it out!
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Cold/Hot Compress
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