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 A Note About Safety

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PostSubject: A Note About Safety   Thu May 28, 2009 5:15 am

Unfortunately I can't guarantee that everyone on this site is a saint in real life. If you choose to meet someone that you met on this forum, you do so at your own risk. I can't be held accountable if you are harmed in anyway by meeting someone here in person. You may roll your eyes at the following list of guidelines, but I feel it would be irresponsible on my part if I didn't type this up.

1. Meet in a very public place. A popular restaurant, mall, or even Walmart are generally safe places to meet someone, even if they seem crowded and intrusive. There are people around so the pressure is on for everyone to be on their best behavior. Insist that you meet somewhere where you know there will be plenty of people. Avoid meeting someone in a hotel room, empty parking lot or even your own home. You never know how the charming person behind the screen is in real life. Better safe than sorry.

2. Have a phone conversation before you meet someone. It's not a sure fire shot at safety but it adds a new dimension to the person. After a conversation or two, if it doesn't feel right, it's okay to call off the meeting. Feelings might be hurt on the other end, but intuition is a powerful thing. Sometimes it's in your best interest to follow it.

3. Watch your food and drinks. You would never know if they slipped a tasteless drug into your glass when you weren't looking. On a similar note, alcohol and drugs should be avoided on the first few meetings. It's safer to be in your clearest state of mind than to be intoxicated. Use common sense.

4. Bring a tag along with you on your first meeting. Even if they have no interest in going, they care about you and wouldn't want to see you hurt. A tag along will have your back in the event that something does happen. A tag along can also offer a second opinion on a person after you've met them. They might pick up things you missed about something fishy the person says or does.

5. Bring along a cell phone and a can of pepper spray if it's legal where you live. It might seem like overkill but the person you are meeting doesn't have to know you've brought it with you. If things do go bad, you'll have that extra degree of protection.

6. Use your brain. Prepare prepare prepare. It's better safe than sorry. Decent people wont mind that you are going out of your way to protect yourself and generally they wont be offended. Be safe and have fun.
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A Note About Safety
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